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February 18th, 2006 | 08:50

* The Importance Of Goals

The Importance Of Goals

Why are goals important? Because without them you don't go anywhere! Whenever you see anything worthwhile being done anywhere, it is because someone is behind it with a passion, a belief and a goal!

When it comes to your personal life and your business, goals make the difference between mediocrity and excellence and accomplishment. Much is said about goals and goal setting. But just how do you set and accomplish goals? Is there some formula or strategy that can be employed to increase your chances of success? Thankfully, YES. In short, what follows is a blueprint for high achievement.

1. Develop a DESIRE to achieve the goal.
The desire must be intense. How do you intensify desire? Sit down and write out all the benefits and advantages of achieving your goal. Once the list goes between 50 and 100 your goal becomes unstoppable.

2. WRITE your goal down.
Once it goes into writing it becomes substantial and starts etching itself into your subconscious.

3. DEADLINE your goal.
Analyze where you are now in relation to the goal and then measure how long you will reasonably need to complete the goal. Then set the latest outside date.

4. IDENTIFY THE OBSTACLES you will need to overcome.
Write them out in a clear list and analyze them.

5. IDENTIFY THE HELP you will need to accomplish the goal.
Again write down the knowledge you will need to acquire, the people, organizations you will need along the way.

6. Take all the details of steps 4 and 5 and make a PLAN.
List all the activities and prioritize them. Rewrite your list, optimize it, and perfect it.

7. Get a clear MENTAL PICTURE of the goal already accomplished.
Make the mental image crystal clear, vivid in the mind's eye. Play that picture over and over in your mind.

8. Back your plan with PERSISTENCE and resolve.
Never, never, never give up even when you hit setbacks. And that quite simply is the 8 step plan for goal
achievement. Follow those steps religiously and you will be a high achiever.

DANGER - You can read this and think, "That sounds interesting. I must try that sometime". Notice the title of
this article - "The Goal Achievement Blueprint". What is a blueprint? It can refer to a negative used in photography for architectural plans, maps or mechanical drawings. It can also mean a detailed plan or program of action.

SO - Take these 8 steps and rewrite them on a card or in a notebook for frequent reference. Keep them on your computer in a note on your desktop. Use the 8 steps as a BLUEPRINT. Keep checking your goal against the 8 steps frequently to measure your progress and keep yourself on track. Then and only then will this article make a difference to your personal and business life.

Now the question is, what goal are you going to set today? What goal can you set for your business which is going to lift it to new levels? What goal are you going to set in your personal life which is going to have a positive effect on you and your loved ones? Take some time now and THINK about it! Then?


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